with Voices

2022 A Final Year for President Lincoln for voice and piano

2018 Choral Whispers II: Missa Parodia (concept album) for chorus, percussion,  and electronics

2018 for Mothers for voice and piano

2017 Amendment XII for baritone and interactive electronics

2016 Sound of Silence (arrangement) for T.T.B.B.

2016 Love Yourself (arrangement) for T.T.B.B.

2016 It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (arrangement) for T.T.B.B. 

2015 Where the Sidewalk Ends for baritone, saxophone, and cello

2015 Always Be Near You for S.A.T.B.

2013 We Stand As a Light for S.A.T.B. 

2012 What is Truth? for T.T.B.B. 

2011 I Am Not Ashamed for S.A.T.B.

2011 As One of Us for S.A.T.B.

2011 And God Did Tempt Abraham for symphonic orchestra, chorus and solo voices (dissertation) 

2010 Avoid the Darkness for S.A.T.B.