by David Peoples
a new music event featuring music about President Abraham Lincoln

Describing Abraham Lincoln's profound influence on American history as anything less than monumental would be inadequate. He assumed the responsibility of safeguarding and upholding a nation during what he described as the "momentous issue of civil war." Lincoln's origins were modest, lacking wealth or renown in his family lineage. He was raised in the rugged wilderness amidst bears and other untamed creatures. Despite not possessing all the comforts, not emerging victorious in every debate, and encountering various hardships, he consistently toiled diligently in the face of adversity. His assassination, originally intended to harm the Northern States, ironically served to strengthen the resolve to preserve the union and ensure the permanent freedom of the enslaved.

This recital offers a glimpse into the life of Lincoln, capturing a range of events that occurred. It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. With Lincoln, we know a lot about his personality. What you'll encounter in this performance is a blend of Lincoln's own commentary, perspectives from those who opposed him, occasional insights into the music and entertainment of his era, as well as some pointed criticisms. The culmination of the concert will feature an epic rendition of George Horton's poem in honor of Lincoln. Horton, who spent most of his life as a slave, ultimately secured his freedom by selling his poetry and became a free man after the Civil War.

This concert will feature performances by UNG Music faculty Benjamin Schoening — lyric baritone, Michael Brown — trumpet, David Peoples — piano and composer, with UNG English Professor Shannon Gilstrap — narrator.

The Players

Lyric Baritone




The Set

Lincoln on Theater? 'I Am Not Her Greatest Fanatic'
Michael Brown, trumpet; David Peoples, electronics

for Mothers
Benjamin Schoening, lyric baritone; David Peoples piano

Shannon Gilstrap, narrator; David Peoples, piano and electronics

a Final Year for President Lincoln
Benjamin Schoening, lyric baritone and percussion; David Peoples, piano and electronics, Shannon Gilstrap, narrator

all compositions by David R. Peoples


UNG Gainesville - Ed Cabell Theatre
December 4, 2023 | 7:30 pm