Solo - Fixed Media
Solo with Accompaniment

2022 Disrupted Lullaby for Children of Ukrainian Hereos for narrators and electronics

2022 Ukrainian Invasion News Brief for narrators, cell phones, and fixed media

2021 Reflections on a Bleak Night for narrators, percussion, and electronics

2021 52 in 22 Fanfare for horn and electronics

2021 Battle of Khasham for mobile electronic installation

2021 Blaiblito for flute

2021 Cenotaph KSP for piano and electronics

2021 Tag Axle Call for tuba and electronics

2021 "The Last Wispy Gypsy” from Athena Departs for narrator and electronics

2021 Variations on a Winter Balet for harp and electronics

2020 Reflections Under A Flowering Branch for keyboard and mobile electronics

2020 Dancing on a Continuum for double bass

2020 Fanfare for Civil War Bugle Calls for bugle and electronics

2020 Goodbye Song no. 2 for synthesizer and electronics

2020 New Cycle 23 for synthesizer and mobile electronics

2019 New Music Through the South: Goodbye Song for piano and fixed electronics

2019 Little Suite 1: Anachronisms for toy piano and fixed electronics

2019 Calming Trouble for piano and fixed electronics

2016 Choral Whispers for installation (fixed media)

2018 Rock Me to Sleep for narrator and organ

2018 Tears Generated from Separation for piano and live electronics

2018 Nightscapes for Villians for piano

2017 A Ballad of Dreamland for narrator and fixed electronics

2017 A House Lost in the Forest for piano and fixed electronics

2017 Eight Treasures of Good Fortune for saxophone and fixed electronics

2017 Poem on the Hopes of a Dying Moon for toy piano and fixed electronics

2017 When I Am Dead, My Dearest for narrator and fixed electronics

2017 Tin Party for fixed media 

2016 Sonata, Riding Crepuscular Rays for piccolo and piano 

2016    Fireflies Dancing at Dusk for violin and tuba

2016 E’n Angeliche for fixed media and high voice

2016 Boom! Mr. Cage for fixed media and narrator

2015 Pictures of India for piano 

2015 Rhythmos études for flexible instrumentation

2014 The Quiet Stream for piano

2014 After Midnight for right hand piano 

2013 A Wickedly Dramatic Shakespearean Serenade and Shout for cello 

2013 Circus on the Rising Moon for toy pianos

2013 Into a Nightscape for piano

2012 Nocturnal Recitation for fixed media

2010 Echo of Sussane for 80-hour installation (fixed media)

2010 The Affair (film score)

2008 Left Handed (film score) 

2008 Overture of Concerts for percussion and electronics

2005 1920’s Man (film score)

2004 Obsession (film score)

2007 Chorale for Electronics for fixed media

2007 Occassions for horn, narrations, and fixed media

2009 Impressions for violin and fixed media 

1994 Please Bus Your Trays for fixed media

1994 Peavitt’s Journey for fixed media

1994 Falling for fixed media