Small Ensembles

2021 Rushmore for 10 Fanfarers for brass and electronics

2019 Quoting Shakespeare for voice, clarinet, and cello

2019 Vid-Game Past Fantasies for low brass ensemble and/or fixed electronics2015 Chaconne for brass ensemble

2019 Looking for Utopia (concept album) for slide flute, cello, piano, percussion, and electronics

2019 Flowery Branch: Spring Awakens for flute, violin, and saxophone

2019 Appalachian Exile for voice, saxophone, cello, and live electronics

2018 All Appears Real, Though a Dream (concept album) for voice, piano, and electronics

2018 Space Ballerina for piano, music box, fixed electronics, live electronics

2018 Variations on a Winter Theme for saxophone, trumpets, trombone, tuba, violin, chorus, piano, synthesizer, and fixed/live electronics

2017 Monsters that Destroy Worlds for video, voice, flute, saxophone, cello and fixed electronics

2017 Combustible Corridor V for flute choir

2015 Cactus Blooms for piccolo, piano, and toy piano

2012 The Day is Done for voice, clarinet, and piano

2011 Dr. Caligari for alto saxophone, electric guitar, and percussion with visual media

2011 Combustible Corridor III for clarinet, violin, horn, and piano 

2009 Tears Generated from a Lucid Dream for clarinet, cello, and piano 

2009 Combustible Corridor I for chamber ensemble

2008 Emerge I for chamber ensemble

2007 Antebellum Candidature: Songs of the Hopefuls for brass quintet and soprano  

2007 The Disassemblage of 3 Pop Songs for trombone choir

2005 A Day in Austin for strings, winds, piano, and drum set