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On this page you will find information about currently available sheet music with links to YouTube videos. For the longer and more challenging pieces or to commission a new work - please reach out to David (david '@' bluesilhouettes.com).


Fireflies - int.

This is a solo piano version of Owl City's Fireflies. Elements of the original song are here and the nuances of the piano are used: varying dynamics and shifts to chord substitutions. This piece would do very well in a recital or at home just to play. 

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Hey Bulldog - int.

Catch this cool Beatles tune with vamps/blues ostinato, melody, and chorus with a middle development. One thing that makes this piano solo unique is that the performer is called upon to playback audio of bulldogs - sports teams or just the animal. Howl or play it back - or maybe playback a touchdown.

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Originals - Collections

The Quiet Stream - easy

"The Quiet Stream" began as a short, one movement piece composed for a young student (6-years of age). It has since grown into this 6-movement cycle, intended for a pianist with at least a couple of years of study and the ability to play with some speed (fast and slow). "The Quiet Stream" is inspired by a restful spot in Flowery Branch, Georgia near the composer's home.

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Pictures of India - easy

"Pictures of India" is a new cycle for piano in 9 movements. The piece is accessible to all levels of performance: from the novice to advanced pianist. There are many opportunities to explore some interesting and colorful textures. The work is inspired (literally) by different pictures of sites throughout India. 

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Suite no. 1 - teen/adult easy

Suite no. 2 - teen/adult easy

Suite no. 3 - teen/adult easy

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